Coming Back To The Project

I am finally coming back to this project after a long break.  My goal originally with doing this work is to express some artistic ideas about myself and sexuality, but privately.  While I was doing that I realized that I should probably go and get better at drawing if I want to be serious about it.  That meant going to an art school for about a year, and that took up too much of my time once work was included in the mix.

To be honest, the art school didn’t really teach me too much.  It was mostly a rip off, but I did learn a few techniques and that it’s alright to be slow in making art.  All of my previous teachers had this odd notion that moving fast was somehow connected to “looseness” or “expressiveness”.  These teachers would tell me to move fast, don’t think, and then I’d make a shitty painting and they’d critique it thusly.  I honestly believe that style of arts education is designed to give the art teacher more shitty art to critique.

The other school taught me to take my time and go slow.  The teacher didn’t teach me too much about how to do that, but at least gave me the 3-8 months it takes to do highly detailed drawings of things.  Once I had learned enough at this new school I quit and will be back to doing this kind of art again, hopefully with a bit higher quality.  We shall see.


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